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Leaf Prints Kids’ Arts-Crafts

Best Leaf Prints Kids' Arts-Crafts Process art

The best and easiest Leaf Prints for preschoolers and kindergartners to explore creativity and promote hand-eye coordination and motor control with this Kids’ Arts-Crafts.

Children and adults will love making vibrant leaf art with this leaf printing kids’ arts-crafts technique. Besides, you can make a multi-colored leaf print as art to display on a wall or to gift as a greeting card. Most importantly, the process of crafting and creating allows deeper bonding while expressing creativity and enjoying the process. How about making metallic leaf prints, acrylic prints, or tempera paint prints? Whatever medium you choose, allow your child to enjoy the process enthusiastically and create wholeheartedly!

Leaf Prints Kids’ Arts-Crafts

You’ll Need to Make Leaf Prints Kids’ Arts-Crafts

Best Leaf Prints Kids' Arts-Crafts Process art
Best Leaf Prints Kids’ Arts-Crafts Process art


Collect Fresh Leaves

Collect fresh leaves (from your backyard) of various shapes and sizes. Choose ones with pronounced midrib and veins. Luckily, we have a fig tree in our yard, and the leaves are perfect for this printing activity! Both fresh and fallen leaves will work for this craft. If you don’t have a backyard, look for fallen leaves. Try not to pick your neighbors’.

Prepare Your Workspace

Cover your work area with newspapers. Prepare your paints. We like to use a recycled egg carton as a paint palette.

Paint a Leaf

Choose one leaf. Flip it so that the underside of a leaf is facing up. Place the leaf on a newspaper. Paint the entire blade of the leaf with the paint of your choice.

Best Multicolor Leaf Printing for Kids Leaf Print Kids' Arts Crafts Fun Craft Ideas
Best Multicolor Leaf Printing for Kids

Pressing The Leaf

Carefully press the leaf-painted side down on the paper. Press the leaf firmly and tap with your fingers all over the blade. Tapping will ensure the paint transfers evenly from the leaf to the paper.

Removing the Leaf

Remove the leaf to marvel at a leaf print. Repeat the process using different colors and different leaf shapes. You can overlap them or print the leaves next to each other. Once satisfied, set the leaf aside and allow the paint to dry completely.

Metalic Leaf Printing

Leaf Print Kids' Arts Crafts Fun Craft Ideas

Make metallic leaf prints by using gold, silver, or other colors of metallic paint. You can also paint the leaf with various colors to create a vibrant multi-colored leaf print.

Process Art for Kids

Process art is an extremely satisfying technique! Moreover, this creative process is essential for early childhood development. Process art helps the body and brain to integrate tactile information in a creative way. Furthermore, process art is perfect for little artists since the focus lies in the creation of the work – the PROCESS – and not the outcome! During this fun artistic process, your child learns how colors work, especially color mixing, while developing spatial awareness and sensory integration. And it’s fun!

Leaf Rubbing Oil Pastel


More Process Arts with Autumn Leaves

Leaf Print Kids Arts Crafts
Leaf Print Kids Arts Crafts
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