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Christmas Tree Pasta Craft


Christmas Tree pasta craft is a festive and fun way to get creative with children while making DIY Christmas pasta decorations.

There is something festive in making DIY Christmas decorations with children. It is the time spent together creatively and also a time to teach our younger generation about the importance of recycling and up-cycling. And what is a better use for an expired pasta which is not suitable for eating than transforming it into a beautiful Christmas decoration! Besides, by making DIY Christmas crafts we are reducing our spending, saving resources and having crafty fun this Holiday Season! Most importantly, we are teaching our children to upcycle what we have by making new things from it! So, next time you find some pasta that has seen its expiration date, I hope you try this super fun dry pasta DIY Noodle Christmas Tree decoration!

YOU’LL NEED for this Pasta Christmas Tree Craft:

  • cardboard (we are using a frozen pizza insert)
  • expired or otherwise not suitable for eating pasta (we are using penne, bow tie and shell pasta)
  • paint (we are using these metallic paints)
  • glitter
  • a glue gun

HOW TO make this DIY Noodle Christmas Tree:

First, measure the center of your cardboard circle and cut along one radius. Try folding it in a conical shape. If the cardboard is too big, cut the circle in half, so that it is easier to make the conical shape. Make sure to use sturdy cardboard as you will be using about half a box of pasta, which will weight on your cardboard. If the cone is too flimsy, it will not support the weight of all the pasta plus the glue. Next, glue the penne one by one starting at the bottom and going in the circular motion towards the top of the tree.

Next, color the bow pasta red and sprinkle a little of glitter while it is still wet. Also, color five shell-pastas with gold paint. You will need them to make a star.


Thereafter, paint your Christmas Tree. The metallic paints are amazing! They dry soo beautifully and they do not stain hands. Also, the paint cleans off the brush easily, as opposed to acrylic or oil paints. And I purposefully glued non-dyed pasta since this way I will be using less of the paint. Plus, I do not need to dye parts of the pasta that are close to the trunk since they are not very visible.

Lastly, as finishing touches of your Christmas Tree Pasta Craft, make a star from five shell-pastas and using a glue gun, secure all the bows to the tree. Wolla! You made a beautiful DIY Christmas pasta decoration that will last you a lifetime!

2D Christmas Tree Pasta Craft

Also, you do not need to make a 3D version of your Christmas Tree Pasta Craft! This Christmas Tree decoration was inspired by amazingly creative Kim @BestIdeasForKids. (See details on her blog HERE.)

Pantry Christmas Tree Craft
Pantry Christmas Tree Craft

Holiday crafts are an amazing way to connect with your children and to express creativity. Besides, using everyday natural materials is a great way to help the environment while reducing your monthly Amazon credit card expense! Here is a Christmas Tree from recycled cardboard and dried pantry food.

YOU’LL NEED for this 2D Pasta Christmas Tree Craft:

HOW TO make this Pantry Christmas Tree:

First, cut out a triangle out of cardboard. I used a serrated knife to cut the cardboard to resemble a pine tree’s shape. Secondly, cut a champagne cork in half and hot glue to your cardboard triangle as a trunk. Now, it is time to dye your pasta. HOW: Place uncooked pasta in a ziplock and add a few squirts of vinegar along with the desired food coloring. Next, shake the bag well and lay flat to dry. (Make sure to save your bag for the next time use. You can also shake pasta in a recycle jar instead of a plastic bag.) You would do a batch for each color. (Note: I do not cook pasta since once cooked, it tends to spoil quickly. Dry pasta, on the other hand, can be used and reused for a long time.)

Similarly, I colored the oats. (I tried coloring Cheerios, but they became soggy and dis-formed, so I opted for the frosted Froot Loops instead – they come colored already.) Thereafter, to “decorate” your tree, simply apply glue horizontally line by line (I started from the bottom) and press the pasta firmly, creating a pattern. Please, supervise your children as hot glue gun gets extremely hot, so with smaller children, try Elmer’s glue or a glue stick.

This activity is perfect for hand-eye coordination and for the development of fine motor control. Also, this craft can be used as a sensory tactile board, offering smaller children to stimulate the sense of touch by running fingers over pasta, cereal, and oats! Happy crafting! 

Please, always supervise your children.

Christmas Tree Pasta Craft
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