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DIY TPR Bunny Craft is a fun spring Easter inspired activity from recycled and natural materials to promote fine motor control and dexterity in children.

Please, tell me you are saving every single TPR as I do! There are so many crafts you can make from them, and here is a Spring and Easter Recycled materials craft YOU MUST TRY! Besides, I am using items readily available at your home, and nature finds you can collect, so no specialized crafting materials are required! Most importantly, you can improvise and use what YOU HAVE! Fill the craft with colorful gravel, shells, dyed rice, pom poms! Let imagination be your limit! So, go grab your TPR, and let’s start making this super fun DIY TPR Bunny Craft your little one will love!

YOU’LL NEED for this DIY TPR Bunny Craft

  • recycled TPR (toilet paper rolls)
  • a hot glue gun
  • a top of a shoebox
  • nature finds
  • cotton balls
  • sequin (optional)


HOW TO MAKE this Spring Easter Recycled Materials CRAFT:

First, cut your recycled TPR into rings about one inch wide. To make a bunny’s body, cut two strips and hot glue them together, making a larger circle. To make the ground, cut TPR long ways and hot glue halves to your shoebox. Moreover, use three rings as clouds and one as a sun. You can fill the cloud rings with either white rice or cotton balls. Lastly, offer your child nature finds like blossoms, moss, leaves, grass, etc, to fill the rings, bringing this cute bunny to life!

You can see this DIY TPR BUNNY Craft on Instagram HERE.


Between 8-12 months, your baby might be able to master the following fine motor skills:

  • reach and grab objects
  • purposely let go of objects while holding
  • pinch small objects (e.g. flowers, cheerios) with a thumb and pointer finger
  • move objects from one hand to the other
  • drop, pick and bang two objects together

Remember, your child cannot master skills unless given plenty of opportunities to PRACTICE! So make it SIMPLE, ENGAGING and FUN for little hands!

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Please, always supervise your children.

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