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DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments

*DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments 4-5

DIY Glitter Ornaments are the most festive handmade Christmas on the budget you can DIY while adding a personal touch to your traditional decor.

Have you ever made DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments? Well, let me warn you, it is addicting! I know that nothing surpasses gathering around a well-decorated Christmas tree when it comes to celebrating the holidays. However, while it might be time-efficient and tempting to use the same ornaments year after year, I invite you to try more creative designs this time around.

So, this is where DIY homemade Christmas ornaments come into play! Besides offering an opportunity to put your creativity to the test, these DIY ornaments are an easy way to fill your home with loads of sparkling holiday cheer. Most importantly, these DIY ornaments will complement your store-bought pieces, and you can vary the colors to fit your fancy! The options are endless! So, let’s get crafting to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with these impressively shiny glitter ornament designs.

You’ll Need for DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments:

*You can also use polyacrylic or polyurethane, which you can source from a local hardware store.

DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

DIY Ornaments Instructions:

  1. First, pour the poly finish inside the ornament.
  2. Swirl the ornament so that it coats evenly.
  3. Turn the ornament upside down and drip the excess poly.
  4. Quickly pour glitter of the color of choice.
  5. Shake! Enjoy! Repeat!

DIY Glitter Christmas Ornaments are definitely a fun, budget-friendly alternative to expensive shiny ornaments you would purchase at the store. Besides, you can involve your little one in the process, like choosing a glitter color and/or shaking part to make the Holidays crafty jolly!

Have you tried making DIY Homemade Christmas Ornaments? Leave a comment if you did!


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