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Frog Pond Water Sensory-Bin

Frog Pond Sensory Water-Play

The frog pond water sensory-bin toddler-friendly play tray setup helps improve kids’ hand-eye coordination, communication, and social skills while they explore their environment through creative play.

Water play has many developmental benefits for little ones. Though it might look like your child is just splashing around, water play can help improve children’s balance and strength. Moreover, water play improves hand-eye coordination as the brain sends signals to have the eyes and the hands work in a coordinated manner. 

Sensory Play Improves Communication and Social Skills

Also, by adding actors to your water play tub, children improve communication and social skills and enrich their vocabulary. For example, use adjectives such as next/to/under/on .. a lily pad, etc. Most importantly, children get to play creatively while exploring their environment and learning through play. So, this easy-to-set-up frog pond sensory water-play tray will offer your little one opportunities to exercise many skills!

Frog Pond Sensory Water-Play

Create a frog pond for children to have a TOADLY fun time transferring jumping-frogs, scooping, and splashing in the water.


Below is the list of materials you will need to set up Frog Pond Water Sensory-Bin:

  1. a waterproof tray
  2. tap water
  3. floating accessories (we are using lily pads)
  4. actors (we are using different frogs)
  5. *tools for children 2yr +

*As tools, we are using tongs and a larger scooper.

Frog Pond Sensory Water-Play Kids Activity

How to Set Up Easy Water Play Tray

This is the easiest water play tray setup since you need just a large waterproof container and tap water. I am skipping the food coloring, so there is no need to worry about stained hands. However, you can add one drop of blue coloring to tint your water blue.

Benefits of Water Play

Did you know gentle water play allows children to unwind, order their thoughts and relax?

Frog Pond Sensory Water-Play Toddler-Friendly sensorial activity
Frog Pond Sensory Water-Play Toddler-Friendly sensorial activity

If you can, bring your Frog Pond Sensory Water-Play outdoors for easier clean-up.

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Frogs and Amphibians Montessori Science zoology unit study to promote experiential learning
Frogs and Amphibians Montessori Science zoology unit study to promote experiential learning

How to Setup a Sensory Bin Play Tray

What does sensory bin mean?

Setting up sensory invitations to play can be very easy if you know what you need:

Choose Your Sensory Filler

This bin setup is the easiest since, as a filler; I am using tap, untinted water.

Choose Your Actors

Decide on the actors. You can add whatever waterproof figurines your child favors at the moment. For example, you can set up a car wash or dinosaurs rescue from mud, or unicorns in play foam.

Decide on Tools

While smaller children are learning sufficiently through hand exploration, older children might benefit from using tools.

Supervise at All Times

Make sure to set your sensory tub where you can supervise, but offer plenty of opportunities for free play. Remember, children are learning a multitude of various skills through play, so give them room to play creatively.

Have you ever tried setting up a Frog Pond Water Sensory-bin play tray? Leave a comment if you did.

Water Play Warning

Water is my absolute favorite sensory medium, though be mindful that children can drown in less than two inches of water, so supervise at all times!

Always Supervise Your Child!

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