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Montessori Metal Insets | TRIANGLE


Exploring TRIANGLE shape with Montessori Geometry Metal Insets to prepare preschooler hand for writing, develop dexterity and fine motor skills.

Today, we are exploring Montessori Metal Insets | TRIANGLE shape. All triangles have three sides, meaning that the shape is a polygon. If all three sides are of equal length then it is called an “equilateral” triangle. We explored different textures and sizes and “made” various triangles, including non-equilateral ones since the sides need not be of equal length at all times.


A  pizza 🍕 slice, an ice cream🍦 cone, a wedge of 🧀 cheese, a ⛺️ tent, clown’s hat, a sail boat ⛵️.

Montessori Metal Insets | TRIANGLE


A fun way to explore the TRIANGLE shape is to go on a HUNT! Give your child a basket and invite to FIND or MAKE shapes with three sides and three angels.


You can even invite a child to MAKE a TRIANGLE shape from knobless cylinders. (You may read detailed instructions on Knobless Cylinders lesson presentation here. )


Making a TRIANGLE from loose parts reinforces shape formation and hand-eye coordination.


Making MORE TRIANGLE SHAPE from Montessori Knobless cylinders.


As one of the Steps Towards Literacy in a Montessori Language curriculum (read here), the preparation of a child’s hand for writing and drawing letters and shapes is accomplished with the use of geometry insets. Initially, you would simply ask your child to trace with a second and third fingers around the outline of the shape (its frame) so that the hand does not lose contact with the frame. Applying just the right amount of pressure prepares the hand for future writing.

Montessori Metal Insets | TRIANGLE


This post has an intro on Montessori Geometric Metal Insets, and this post “Tracing a Circle ⚫” has a 📽 video of Adrian tracing a circle as well as detailed steps for Montessori Geometric Metal Insets Presentation 1.


What we have been using to make a triangle:

  • Knobless cylinders (read a post here),
  • Haida painted sticks (read how children made the sticks here),
  • Spindles (read a post “Early Math with Numbers Rods, Sandpaper Numbers and Spindles” here; and a post “Spindle Box and Sandpaper Numbers Extensions – early Montessori Math activities for a toddler” here),
  • Small number rods (read a post “Early Math with Numbers Rods, Sandpaper Numbers and Spindles” here),
  • Pipe cleaners and green beads (read a post “Candy Canes Pipe Cleaner Craft for children” here),
  • Pom poms and play dough (read here a post “Tracing Alphabet Letters with markers, dot-stickers, play-dough, marbles and water/ the importance of the proper pencil grip”),
  • We also used different nature objects such as pine cones, stones and marbles, pine branches, sea shells, and others.

We had so much fun exploring Montessori Metal Insets | TRIANGLE shapes! Leave a comment which shapes do YOU explore!


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