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☘️Shamrock ✂️DIY ♻️Recycled 🚽Toilet Paper Roll 💚Craft

Are you excitedly anticipating☘️ St. Patrick's Day? Will you be trying to catch a Leprechaun? Do you think any of your perfect traps would work? Well, a legend says that you can catch a Leprechaun only if you have 🍀a four-leafed clover! Do you know the difference between a shamrock and a clover?

  • ☘️A shamrock (a symbol of Ireland and St. Patrick's Day) is a young spring of white clover that grows during winter in Ireland. The word shamrock comes from the Irish word ‘Seamrog’ meaning little clover or young clover. The plant never flowers, and if planted outside of Ireland it will wither and die. Usually, the shamrock has three leaves, which stand for faith, hope, and love. The shamrock is associated with Ireland because Saint Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, have used the plant as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit. 
  • 🍀 The four-leafed clover or “lucky clover” is very difficult to find since it is an uncommon variation of the three-leafed clover. A four-leaf clover is meant to represent God’s Grace and is considered to be a symbol of good luck. Have you been lucky?

Today, we enjoyed making ☘️Shamrock Persons ✂️DIY  💚Craft from recycled toilet paper rolls, green ribbons and cut out shamrock templates. We are using a common ☘️ three-leaf shamrock (not the lucky four-leafed clover) since children decided that this year they do not wish to catch a Leprechaun, but rather they are hoping to become friends with him.

DSC_0033   You will need ♻️ toilet paper rolls, green ribbon, shamrock cut outs & googly eyes.

DSC_0033Self-adhesive eyes are easy to peel and stick.  

DSC_0033 Green pipe-cleaners and one green bead at the end will become hands. 

DSC_0033Adrian did a similar craft here  "Shamrock☘️ Pipe Cleaners & Beads Craft".

DSC_0033Blue & pink pipe cleaners become Shamrocks'👦🏼👧🏻 mouths.

DSC_0033Meet our ☘️Shamrock✂️DIY♻️Recycled 🚽Toilet Paper Roll👧🏻👦🏼Persons.


What will you be doing on ☘️ St. Patrick's Day? I hope you will be enjoying the day with your family, while wearing 💚 green, eating 🍏 green foods and making 🎨GREEN crafts and 🌈 rainbows! Please, let me know if you end up catching a Leprechaun! (Don't tell me where his💰pot of gold is though 🙂

For more on St. Patricks Day inspired hands-on fun, see here ☘️St. Patrick's Day Kids Activities.

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