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Digestive System Feeding DIY

Digestive System Feeding DIY Feed the Body

Digestive System magnetic apple feeding DIY kids activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn how food passes through different organs of the human body.

Digestive System Feeding DIY Has your child ever wondered what happens to the food after they eat it? We all know that eating food gives us energy and helps us grow strong. However, how does it happen? After eating, our food passes through several different organs called the digestive system. With this hands-on magnetic feeding DIY, your child will guide the food through different organs to see how it passes through our body’s digestive system.

Digestive System Feeding DIY Feed the Body

Digestion is the process of breaking down food into very small particles that are absorbed by the body. 

You’ll Need for Digestive System Feeding DIY:

Digestive System Feeding DIY

First, glue a magnet to one end of a craft stick. Then, place a magnet on a backside of a food sticker of your choice. (Make sure that the two facing each other magnets are of opposite poles so that they attract.) Now, slide the craft stick with a magnet under the paper printable and position it at the mouth. Lastly, place the food sticker with the magnet on the mouth. You will feel the two magnets stick together. 

🧲 As you move the craft stick under the paper, the food sticker will move as well in the same direction. That is because the magnet on a craft stick is “pulling” the magnet on a food sticker, making an illusion that the food is moving on its own.

 The magnetic force will attract the two magnets together if the poles are opposite.

Digestive System Feeding DIY Feed the Body FREE Printable
Digestive System Feeding DIY Feed the Body FREE Printable
Choose an image that best suits your family’s situation.

Have you tried hands-on activities with your child to explore how the digestive system works?


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