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Craft-Sticks Christmas Frame Ornaments

Craft Sticks Ornaments Frames Foam Balls Chrismtas Crafts Picture with Santa 4-6

DIY Craft-sticks Christmas frame photo ornaments tutorial kids Holiday craft for preschoolers and kindergartners to promote fine motor control while inspiring creativity.

You won’t believe how fun and simple making these craft-sticks Christmas frame tree picture ornaments is! Besides, they look adorable when finished, and these frames will be making their appearance on Christmas trees for years to come!

So, following the tutorial, you can make some one-of-a-kind decor pieces together in no time! Besides, you can use whatever small craft embellishment items you have, so there is no need to purchase anything. Most importantly, you can use these Christmas Tree frames as an ornament on a tree, as a gift, or keep it as a sweet keepsake.

Craft Sticks Ornaments Frames Chrismtas Crafts

Which one is your favorite? Adrian (9 yr) and Julia (13 yr) made all these ornament frames completely independently!

And there are no set rules! Just offer them loose items (be mindful of choking hazards), and let their imagination run wild!

You’ll Need for Craft-Sticks Christmas Frame Ornaments

Tip: You can use double-sided tape instead of using a hot glue gun to secure the pom poms.

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Craft-Sticks Christmas Frame Ornaments

Craft Sticks Ornaments Frames Foam Balls Christmas Crafts Picture with Santa


Below are detailed steps on how to make these Craft-Sticks Christmas Frame Ornaments.

First, decide whether you will color the craft sticks yourself using red and green paint or purchase them already colored.

Secondly, using a hot glue gun, make a triangle from three craft sticks. Repeat for each frame tree you want to make.

Then, it is time to decorate! Decide whether you will use a hot glue gun or tape to secure your embellishments.

Lastly, grab your printed picture and trim it down to fit inside the craft stick frame. Then, glue it to the back of your frame.

Watch the Video Tutorial Below

For the last frame, Julia used bow tie pasta, which she colored with gold metallic paint. Allow your child to improvise and create unique, intricate patterns.

Importance of Holiday Crafting with Children

Crafting with children during the holiday season holds a special place in family traditions, offering a blend of creativity, bonding, and meaningful moments. It’s a time for parents and children to come together, putting aside the hustle and bustle of daily life. Through crafting, children learn the art of imagination, turning simple materials into cherished holiday treasures. Beyond the tangible results, the process itself is invaluable, nurturing fine motor skills and igniting the spark of creativity. 

Whether it’s making Christmas tree ornaments or crafting festive home decor, these shared activities become keepsakes, marking the passage of time as these creations find their place in holiday decorations year after year. The joy of crafting not only decorates our homes but also etches the warmth of togetherness in our hearts, making the holiday season truly magical.

DIY Home Decor Projects

DIY home decor projects, like Christmas frame tree ornaments, showcase the beauty of simplicity and the joy of handmade creations. These projects are not just about adding a personal touch to your holiday decor; they are also eco-friendly and cost-effective. By using materials you already have, you teach children the value of resourcefulness and being environmentally conscious. Furthermore, these DIY creations can serve a dual purpose, as they can be used as ornaments, gifts, or sweet keepsakes. Crafting during the holidays isn’t just about making decorations; it’s about making lasting memories and imparting valuable life lessons to the next generation.

DIY Craft Sticks Ornaments frames Christmas Holiday Kids Craft
DIY Craft Sticks Ornaments frames Christmas Holiday Kids Craft

For easy displaying – glue some string or twine to the back of the frame for easy hanging on the tree or for adding to gift packages under the tree!

Have you tried making Craft-Sticks Christmas Ornaments Frames? Leave a comment if you did!

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