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Montessori Bird Kids Activities

Montessori Bird Kids Activities

We love our feathered friends, and we love celebrating Bird Holidays to learn more about them and to advance bird conservation. Here are few Bird Holidays to note and put on your calendar:

  • National Bird Day is celebrated in the United States annually on January 5.
  • International Bird Day is April 13.
  • Bird Day in the United States is observed annually on May 4th.
  • International Migratory Bird Day is celebrated on the second Saturday in May (May 12, in 2018).

To learn about birds hands-on, we read books, look at real-life photographs, observe and explore.

Below I will share our Montessori Bird Kids Activities arranged by the area of study unit study.


DSC_0196  See here Invitation to create a Nest •🐦Bird Unit Study


 We learned what materials different birds use to build their nests, and then went on a nature walk and children collected twigs, fern, leaves, and other finds to build a nest resembling the authentic one that bird would build.



DOWNLOAD HERE Backyard Birds Scavenger Hunt

Matching 🐦birds to Montessori 🌈Color Tablets

IMG_4814See here 🐦Bird 🌈Matching Montessori Sensorial Color Tablets



This is an invitation to create a bird from laminated autumn leaves (although you can use fresh as well). As a reference, we are using Montessori Bird puzzle (buy similar here or exact in a set here) and these backyard birds. Nature Anatomy book (top~ left) had won our hearts and is our absolute favorite nature encyclopedia! I never thought I would fall involve with anything but real pictures and this book had shown us the world in a whole new way! We are also reading Look What I Did with a Leaf! book which shows how to use nature’s bounty to create fanciful animals and natural scenes. Although the only birds in a book are a parrot and a peacock, we felt inspired enough to create our own backyard bird pattern. 

DSC_0011I made these simple labels to learn parts of the bird while referring to Nature Anatomy book and these backyard birds. We are using a Montessori Bird puzzle (buy similar here or exact in a set here).


DSC_0015Dried corn kernels tonging is one of the autumn activities which seems timeless with my children. Adrian has been enjoying it since he was two years old (wiggling and picking those tiny kernels off the cob with the fingers) till now (almost five) when he is skillful enough to use spork tongs


A variation to a traditional puzzle assembly is to fill the frame with picked kernels (or use any other grain in your cupboard). We are using a Montessori Bird puzzle (buy similar here or exact in a set here) and these backyard birds.


We also learned about bird’s body parts hands-on, by observing American Robin bird and assembling a Montessori Zoology puzzle. 

“What the hand does, the mind remembers,” reminds us Dr. Montessori. So, hands-on zoology puzzles are a wonderful tool to learn parts of animals through hands-on invitations to learn. Read details about this puzzle as well as what we have learned about birds, such as what is the one characteristic that sets the birds apart from other animals: Is it a beak? wings? hatching from eggs?  in this post “Learning About Birds with a Wooden Montessori Zoology Puzzle.” 



IMG_1964 See here Bird-Spring-Inspired Counters & Numbers Sensory Bin


DSC_0039 See here 🐦Birds Forest Habitat DIY Recycled Toilet Paper Craft with Math Twist

DSC_0052See here how we made this🐦Birds Forest Habitat


DSC_0021 Yellow The African Golden Weaver

To meet some of our feathery friends we have encountered see here Birds Nature Journaling Kids. 

Northern Cardinal Bird Nature Journaling
Northern Cardinal Bird Nature Journaling

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