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Adrian 5 years DIY KINDERGARTENER Puzzles Unit Study

Frog Zoology Puzzle Pin-Poking


Learning about parts of a frog with a Montessori Zoology puzzle by grain transferring and pin-poking.

Montessori Zoology Parts of the Frog puzzle is a very hands-on way to learn about the part of the frog. Each puzzle piece has a wooden knob and the child learns where each part belongs. This puzzle is perfect for ages three and up, and I will show you an extension activity for older children: trace, pin-poke, assemble.


First, Adrian (five years old), traced around each puzzle piece on green cardstock and then pin-poked the outline of each. Make sure to lay some cushion between your table and paper, so that the pin does not poke your table instead. Here, we are using a styrofoam packing block, but you can also use a dish sponge or an old rug to keep your table safe. If the holes are poked close to each other, you will be able to push out the outline to create your our own parts of the body puzzle.

Another way to use your puzzle while all the pieces are out is to offer your child to fill the frame with grains or dried beans to practice transferring and fine motor skills, which is a great Practical Life Activity.

We absolutely love the Nature Anatomy book, which we read to learn about the FROG LIFECYCLE.


  • Frogs have very good eyesight. They bulge out the sides of their heads in order to see in nearly all directions.  
  • Frogs also have an amazing sense of hearing. You can often tell the difference between a male and a female frog by the size of their eardrum, which can be seen behind their eyes. If the eardrum is smaller than the eye, the frog is a female. Males’ eardrum is the same size as the eye.
  • Frogs have very powerful back legs and webbed feet that help them jump great distances, as well as swim. Frogs even use their legs to dig or burrow underground to prepare for hibernation during the winter months. Certain frogs can jump up to twenty times their own body length in a single leap.

Always supervise your children while they are learning through play.

Have you tried PARTS OF FROG activities? Leave a comment if you did!


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