Santa Pom Poms Color Sorting


Santa face pom poms color sorting activity in a baby-safe zip lock bag promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor control and color recognition.

Just because your little one is still mouthing things, should not preclude you from allowing them to explore and manipulate small items safely! How? When in doubt,  bag it! And to be safe, tape the seal and secure the ziplock to the table or other flat surface. Santa pom poms color sorting is a fun activity that can be modified for a wide age range.

You’ll Need for Santa Pom Poms Color Sorting:

  •  a ziplock bag
  • red and black markers
  • red and white pom poms
  • hair gel (buy cheapest)

Santa Pom Poms Color Sorting Tutorial


  1. First, use a nail polish remover or an alcohol pad to remove the writing from your zip lock bag.
  2. Then, draw the Santa’s face.
  3. Next, pour hair gel into the bag. Make sure to pour enough, or pom poms will not slide.
  4. Lastly, add red and white pom poms. 
  5. Invite your child to slide pom poms inside the bag and color sort them, revealing Santa’s beard and face.  

Skills At Play
-hand-eye coordination
– fine motor control
– color recognition
– spatial awareness

AGE 1 Y+ ⚠️ Always supervise your child! You can also tape the bag to the table so that a child doesn’t open it.

Santa-Pom-Pom-Color-Sort-Bag BABY SAFE

This activity can be modified for a wide age range. While your one-year-old can explore and feel small items safely inside the bag, your toddler might try to move them around and your preschooler can try to color sort white and red pom poms to match Santa’s face. 

Please note that while the developmental milestone to learn to identify colors emerges from about twelve to eighteen months, be mindful of the child’s attention span, which is about 2-3 min per year! So don’t expect too much! Rather make your activities engaging and vary them often! 

Have you tried making Santa Pom Poms Color Sorting bags? Leave a comment if you did!


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